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C. Fodoreanu

Born into a family with a long tradition of icon painting, C. Fodoreanu started painting from early ages. He received his first camera as a young boy and ever since then he has been using light and time to paint his photographs. His work touches on human condition, the fleeting time, divine intervention, the fragility of life, personal boundaries, play and intimacy. These themes are a consequence of his educational background with a BA in Philosophy of Science from UC San Diego, and a MD from Harvard Medical School. He is the author of a few poetry books, and several photography projects, including nicula, plants, yellow skies, silent recall, street smart,green birds, motus corporis, macroskins, and dancers (shown here.)


C. Fodoreanu’s photography has been featured in several solo shows, which include the Harvard Arts First. His projects have participated in selected photography festivals and publications, including Palm Springs Photo Festival, LACP Exposure Weekend, the Harvard Medical School literary magazine Third Space, and The Human Condition of UCSD School of Medicine. His work can be found in private collections throughout United States and Europe. He currently lives in Southern California.


Most recently, C. Fodoreanu has been selected by the Art San Diego 2019 as one of the four Local Talent art visionaries, and additionally chosen by the show judges as the 2019 Award Winner.



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