Online Exhibition

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The Cornel/Henry Art is pleased to present 'intimate', a group show by five Southern California photographers tackling the idea of intimacy and everything related. The viewer is invited to trespass personal boundaries, partake in uncomfortable closeness, reaching deep into one's memory of vulnerability (C. Fodoreanu) - from the feeling of self loss within intimacy, and the desire to re-evaluate the uncertainty of closeness (Stevie Raelynn), to witnessing intimate performances of one's life partner, sitting in front windows, seeking the best light, and interpreted as one's intimate love letters towards the other (Charles Ingham); or as a personal journey from pain into acceptance, revisiting emotional periods of shame, fear and rejection, love, desire, and ultimately, acceptance (Matthew Finley.) Photography is so expressed as a personal, intimate event, both in the act of capturing the image and the act of viewing it, and as a way of simplifying a complicated life and world (Robert Treat.)

Please enjoy this exclusive Online Exhibition by:


Charles Ingham - San Diego, California

Robert Treat - San Diego, California

Matthew Finley - Los Angeles, California

C. Fodoreanu - San Diego, California

Stevie Raelynn - San Diego, California

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