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Online Exhibition

© 2021 Cornel/Henry Art

'thou shadow' by C. Fodoreanu


The Cornel/Henry Art is pleased to welcome back C. Fodoreanu in an exclusive online exhibition of his most recent work. In a time of pandemic, sheltering at home, staying away from loved ones, C. Fodoreanu reminds us about how important is love, and the pursuit of love. His work takes into account the meandrous road one often takes towards the other's heart. And about how one in love assumes a multitude of personalities, continuously adjusting attitudes, expectations, vulnerabilities, as in vibrating towards a shared wavelength with the loved one. Seeing  that when two vibrations are synchronous, love becomes. 

''How far the leap? Over the sea, over the horizon? To keep it tight or to let disorder settle in as always? 

Pacing the blush of my heart, grain by grain, to the moon and back. 

The many steps towards the night, towards the sparkle in your eyes.

Every touch, every wind, every rock, every sand, one drop closer to thou shadow self.' - C. Fodoreanu

Purchase prints here.

C. Fodoreanu is a published poet and award winning visual artist. His visual work pursues a poetry of light, and centers on exploring humans as they relate to their body, personal boundaries, intimacy, play, social justice, fragility of life, fleetingness of time, and divine intervention.

Purchase prints here.

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