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Terms and Conditions

The FODOREANU SAN DIEGO (FSD) is open to submissions from all photographers, national and international. FSD employees, advisory council members, contest sponsors, and family members of the aforementioned may not apply to the Awards and/or Contests. Previous FSD award winners may enter and are eligible to win.

International submissions are welcome. International winners are responsible for the duties and shipping of any prizes awarded. Please note, FSD is not liable for damage as a result of shipping, packaging or delivery work for exhibitions, or other programs.

The photographer retains the rights to the images. By completing the application, the photographer grants FSD permission to reproduce works from their submitted materials in connection with the administration, judging and promotion of FSD, the Awards, and the Contests. Permissible uses of the images submitted shall include their reproduction, distribution and display in FSD exhibitions, multimedia presentations, and printed materials related to the promotion of FSD and the FSD Awards, Contests, and events. FSD shall have the right to grant permissions to the press and publicity agents in connection with the promotion of the FSD Awards, Contests, exhibitions, and related events. All Award and Contests recipients are asked to donate a print to FSD. Submission of an entry to these awards and contests signifies acceptance of all conditions stated.

Submission entry to any of FSD’s Awards and Contests signifies acceptance of all the above conditions stated.

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