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Online Exhibition

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2020 Artist Award Winner: Lori Pond

The Cornel/Henry Art is pleased to present Lori Pond, the Winner of our 'primordial' Call for Entries, and 2020 Artist Award!


Lori Pond (MA, University of Southern California) is a photographic artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her photography encompasses themes such as fear, good versus evil, life and death, and the impermanence of all things. She studied Music and Spanish language at Indiana University, and Broadcast Journalism at University of Southern California, before embarking on a career in television, where she is a graphic artist at Conan O’Brien’s talk show, “Conan.” Her interest in photography has been lifelong, starting with a Polaroid Camera for her junior high school newspaper. Her work has been shown at the Griffin Museum of Photography, Oceanside Museum, MOAH, The Center for Fine Art Photography, and many galleries throughout the United States and Europe. Along the way, she has accumulated accolades and awards, most recently including winning one of the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards.

For this exhibition we are featuring work from her Bosch Redux series, for which she uses friends as models, and hires prop makers, prosthetic designers, and makeup/wardrobe artists to help create masterful visual works inspired by the Northern Renaissance painter Hieronymus Bosch. These depictions of a world of dreams and nightmares, a sinful humanity in which forms seem to flicker and change before our eyes, are Pond's intrepid exercise on morality. Her fantastical visualizations and inscrutably ambiguous displays of human drama, addresses concepts of good and evil, and what happens to humans when they sin. Pond’s photographs are brilliant interpretations of the old master's that are both delightful and disturbing at the same time. We are inviting you to partake in this exclusive online exhibition, for likely there is nothing more primordial than sin.


Purchase prints here.

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