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Online Exhibition

'Fashion Moda' by Sergey Melnitchenko


The Cornel/Henry Art is thrilled to introduce Sergey Melnitchenko, a very talented photographer from Ukraine. He is the founder of MYPH School of Conceptual and Art Photography in Kyiv, and the winner of the Ukranian "Photographer of the Year" (2012, 2013, and 2016), and Golden Camera (2021). He has participated in over 100 group and solo shows, including Paris Photo, Photo Basel and Photo LA.


In this project, Melnitchenko conjures a hand made book, and uses parody inspired by various fashion magazines to make a critical social commentary on the need of adorning ourself with superficialities, when the reality surrounding us is so daunting: we are in the middle of an prolonged pandemic, and in the midst of a labile political situation at the Ukrainian/Russian border with profound global implications.


"Clothes are only clobbers that cover our genitals, and nothing more." - Melnitchenko

Please join us in welcoming Sergey to our platform with this exclusive online exhibition!

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